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D.I.Y. Projects: Mattress Care 101 – Taking Care of your Pet’s Mess

Having a dog or cat provides you with the comfort

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and companionship that only a pet can give. They’re adorable, cute, funny, happy to see you (because you feed them), and fun to play with. Owning a pet is beneficial to the owner as it provides physical protection, emotional stability, and mental responsibility. But it’s not always fun and games … [Read More…]

Common Sleep Positions and their Corresponding Personalities

Contrary to what people believe in, sleep positions are not really random. This is because they actually tell something about people’s personalities. In fact, sleep ex

pert Professor Chris Idzikowskia from the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service found out that there is a connection between sleep positions and people’s personalities. Apart from … [Read More…]

Can Videogames Reduce Stress?

If you’d ask any young adult between the ages of 15 to 23 about two immediate

yet satisfying luxuries that they’d prefer to have, it would most likely be videogames and sleep – especially among guys. I mean, I wouldn’t blame them if they come up with those answers since they’re both pleasurable and fulfilling. In this day and age of … [Read More…]

D.I.Y. Projects – Mattress Care 101: Prevention

I’m there for you when you’re down. In the darkest nights, in the coldest evenings

, I’m here to support you. I’ll keep you warm, and I’ll get you through even the sleepless nights. I am the one to prepare you to face each morning. That’s what your bed would say if it can speak. A lot of people take for granted the role their beds play … [Read More…]

Become Your Own Sleeping Beauty

Finding yourself to be 300% more beautiful in the morning after a good night’s sleep isn’t just

something that happens in fairy tales and fiction. It is true that sleep is a means of physical transformation. In fact, sleep is naturally the most effective beauty treatment you will ever receive in your life. It’s better than spending thousands on […]

D.I.Y. Projects: Mattress Care 101 – Taking Care of Blood Stains

Blood stains are hard to deal with no matter where it’s found – clothing, sheets, blankets, your darling mattress, and so on. Usually you just replace stained sheets with new, clean ones, but it’s not just the sight of a blood stain (or any stain, in this matter) that is your concern. It’s hygiene as […]

Sleep and School

When students consistently fail to concentrate in school, people usually assume that they’re going

through something bothersome.  The common explanations involve family and health problems, but sometimes people miss a very reasonable cause for such a dilemma: lack of sleep. As we all know, sleep plays a very crucial role in the life of each […]

D.I.Y. Projects: Mattress Care 101 – Physical CuresEvery

now and then, accidents happen. They don’t choose where they happen, but when they do, the only way to deal with it is by trying to fix what you can. No use in complaining or blaming; just focus on what you ought to do to fix the damage. Everything from relationships to homework, to […]

5 Sleep Myths Debunked

If you think you already know a lot of things about sleep, think again. In fact, some of the things you have always believed in about it are actually false. These are myths people have accepted as truth since they first acquired their knowledge of it. We shall debunk five of those myths with this […]