D.I.Y. Projects: Mattress Care 101 – Physical Cures

D.I.Y. Projects: Mattress Care 101 – Physical Cures

Every now and then, accidents happen. They don’t choose where they happen, but when they do, the only way to deal with it is by trying to fix what you can. No use in complaining or blaming; just focus on what you ought to do to fix the damage. Everything from relationships to homework, to business work, to even your sleeping mattress relates to this principle. In this article, we’ll focus on the steps to take on how to care for your bed mattress when something unwanted happens to it.

Uneven Sagging

Even if you took the advice of not “engulfing” a particular spot of you bed, lying on your bed normally after a period of years will still cause it to sag. Most likely, the sagging will occur in the centre of the mattress, which will create this “valley” lengthwise with the bed. A vacation in an outdoor valley is okay, but you don’t want your bed to cradle you as if you’re a sausage inside a hotdog bun. That’s downright uncomfortable, not to mention awkward.

So what are you to do about this? Easy. Just simply flip your mattress. Save your money to buy a high-quality mattress when you really have to. As for now, just flip it over and you’ll realize that the other side’s not a valley, but a nice, comfortable and flat plain. Simple solution, huh?

Holes in the Mattress

Now this is a bit of a serious problem that requires literally more from you than just flipping your mattress. Sure, you can have bed covers and comforters, but if your mattress’ springs start poking holes straight onto your back, no bed sheet can shield you from that. Actually, flipping the mattress will provide you a temporary solution with regards to your physical comfort, but it might damage your bed frame in the long run.

What’s the answer? Acquire a foam mattress. With this particular type of bed, there is absolutely no risk of random innerspring poking your back in the middle of the night. Not only is this a solution to your current problem, but it’s also a prevention of any future ones.

Bed Bugs Invasion

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of dust mites and hypoallergenic mattresses. But what are you to do when you’re under siege from tiny creatures that try to take over your mattress? Well, my friend, that’s why there’s such a thing as dust mite spray.

Now, there may be negative effects such as bad smell, but not all dust mite sprays smell worse than body odor Actually, even your general upholstery cleaner that usually has citrus scents are potent enough to kill dust mites and their wastes. Chemical warfare’s the answer, and after that, build a wall and keep them away by putting on a hypoallergenic bed cover or hypoallergenic pillow cases and of course, acquiring a hypoallergenic mattress.

Simple solutions are for simple problems, but even difficult problems can have simple solutions. It’s all about knowing what to do and how to do it.