D.I.Y. Projects – Mattress Care 101: Prevention

D.I.Y. Projects – Mattress Care 101: Prevention

I’m there for you when you’re down. In the darkest nights, in the coldest evenings, I’m here to support you. I’ll keep you warm, and I’ll get you through even the sleepless nights. I am the one to prepare you to face each morning. That’s what your bed would say if it can speak. A lot of people take for granted the role their beds play in their lives. Little do they know that how they would feel and even act every morning will be affected by how they sleep which is determined by what they sleep on.

In an average person’s life, he or she will spend 1/3 of his or her existence sleeping on their bed. Now if you reach the age of 60, then that would mean that you’ve spent 20 years sleeping on your bed! Mind blowing, isn’t it? Your mattress takes good care of you, but what are you doing to take care of your valuable mattress? It’s a reciprocal relationship, you see. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to plan and execute a simple do-it-yourself project to provide basic care – maintenance and cure for your mattress.


The reason why you have to take care of your mattress is because, like every object, it has its set lifespan and wears off over time. Now if you can slow down this aging process, then that means that you’ll maintain its quality and you’ll be able to enjoy it longer. Prevention is the key.

Your mattress is not a trampoline

Not only is jumping on your bed childish, but it has detrimental effects on the quality of your mattress and can even be harmful to your own health. You can learn more as to how and why by clicking here.

Bed for sleeping, the table for eating

Eating and drinking should only be limited to your dining room or even your living room or desk. If you take the risk of spilling and food stains out of the scene, then you don’t have to worry about how to clean it.

Lie down, don’t keep sitting

The part of your bed mattress that wears off the most is the area that carries the most weight. Now if you don’t just lie down on your bed but sit on it too, the distribution of weight will be unequal. For example if you use your bed as a workplace, sitting on one part of your bed will cause that part to sink more than intended. No matter what kind of mattress you have, time will still consume it, and sitting on it will not help.

Work and rest

In addition to sitting down, using your bed as a desk is not a good idea. It’s detrimental to your health by ruining your posture, and again, the sitting will cause the unequal distribution of your weight onto the mattress. The bed is for rest, so take your work someplace where you’ll be able to execute it effectively. Plus, you don’t want the bed to affect your productivity by making you sleepy, right?

Simple, huh?  But this article is just one of the several entries you will find in the “Mattress Care 101” series. Remember that we’re not just talking about the sake of being thrifty and not ruining your mattress, but also talking about your health, too. Like other physical essentials in your life, sleep is something you need as well as enjoy. So why should you be hindered from enjoying something you need?